Our Students

FinishLine Racing School Graduates are Becoming True Champions...

Where you went to get noticed!

We built our Reputation the hard way.... WE EARNED IT...one student at a time.

We Produce WINNERS, Check out our WINNERS Circle and see for yourself !!!

These are just a FEW of our " talented and famous" race car drivers.

2014 : Bryan Clauson WINS 2014 Chili Bowl
2013 : Josh Richards clinch's his 2nd WOO  LM Championship
2013 : Brad Kuhn clinch's Badger Midget Championship
2013 : Lee Pulliam wins NASCAR Whelen All American Series Championship
2013:  Scott Steckley wins NCATS Championship
2013 : Kevin Swindell wins Chili Bowl
2012 : Donny Schatz clinched his fifth WOO  Championship
2012 : Josh Wise wins rookie of the year in NASCAR Sprint Cup
2012 : DJ  Kennington wins NCATS Championship
2012 : DJ Kennington WINS 5 in a row in Nascar Canadian Tire Series
2011: Donny Schatz WINS 5TH victory  at Knoxville Nationals
2011: Reed Sorenson WINS the Nascar Nationwide Series race at Road America
2011: Dakoda Armstrong WINS the Winchester ARCA 200
2011: Tim George Jr. WINS Pocono ARCA 200
2011: Regan Smith wins career first Sprint Cup Race at Darlington Superspeedway
2010: Jamie McMurray WINS the Nascar Sprint Cup Charlotte 500
2010: Dakoda Armstrong WINS Kentucky ARCA 200
2010: Jamie McMurray WINS the Nascar Nationwide Great Clips 300
2010: Jamie McMurray WINS the Nascar Sprint Cup Brickyard 400
2010: Dakoda Armstrong WINS Talladega ARCA 250
2010: Jamie McMurray WINS the Nascar Sprint Cup Daytona 500
2009: Donny Schatz clinched his fourth WOO  Championship
2009: Josh Richards clinched his 1st WOO LM Championship
2009: Donny Schatz WINS 4TH in a row at Knoxville Nationals
2009: Brian Scott's victory in the Nascar Truck Ser
2008: Donny Schatz clinched his third World of Outlaws Championship
2008: Andy Lally WINS 2nd straight Grand Am KONI Challenge
2008: Donny Schatz WINS 3rd in a row at Knoxville Nationals
2008: Matt Hawkins WINS ARCA ReMax at Iowa Speedway
2008: Michael Annett WINS ARCA 200 at Daytona
2007: Donny Schatz claims 2nd World of Outlaws Championship
2007: Michael Annett WINS ARCA/ReMax at Talladega
2007: Bryan Clauson WINS Career-First ARCA/ReMax at Gateway
2007: Jamie McMurray WINS the Nascar Sprint Cup Pepsi 400
2007: Reed Sorenson WINS the Nascar Nationwide Gateway 250

Driver & Series

Jamie McMurray - Nascar Sprint Cup & Nascar Nationwide
Reed Sorenson - Nascar Sprint Cup Cup & Nascar Nationwide
Ryan Mathews - Craftsman Truck
Josh Wise - USAC & Craftsman Truck
Bryan Clauson - USAC National Sprints, ARCA & ASA
Brian Scott - Craftsman Truck & USAR Hooters
JC Stout - Craftsman Truck
Boston Reid - Nascar Nationwide & ARCA
DJ Kennington - Nascar Nationwide & NASCAR Canadian Tire
Jay Drake - Silver Crown, Midgets & Sprints
Jimmy Kite - INDY Car & USAC  Silver Crown
Richie Hearn - INDY CAR
Matt Hawkins - USAR Hooters
PJ Chesson - Indy Racing League
Bryon Chew - Nascar Nationwide
Ian Baas - American Le Mans Series
Chris Festa - Menards Infiniti Pro Series
James VanDomselaar - NASCAR Canadian Tire
Scott Steckly - NASCAR Canadian Tire
Doug Brown - NASCAR Canadian Tire
Jody Lavendar - Hooters Pro Cup
Veronica McCann - Australia - Sprint cars
Daryl Harr - Grand National West
BJ McLeod - Southern All Stars
Brandon Miller - Craftsman Truck
Kyle Nicholas - USAC National Midgets
Darren Hagen - USAC National Sprints
Blake Feese - Nascar Nationwide & ARCA
Tony Bruce - WOO Sprints Erin Crocker - Silver Crown & ARCA
Donny Schatz - World of Outlaws
Andy Lally - Grand American & ARCA
Kraig Kinser - World of Outlaws & Craftsman Truck
Brad Kuhn - USAC Midgets
Woody Pitkat - NASCAR Whelen All-American
Peyton Sellers - Nascar Nationwide
Michael Annett - ASA & ARCA
JR Fitzpatrick - NASCAR Canadian Tire
Chris Fontaine - Craftsman Truck & ASA
Brandon Kaeding - Silver Crown &  Natl. Sprint Car
Matt Neely - USAC Sprints & Silver Crown
Landon Cassill - Nascar Nationwide
Mario Haberfeld - Champ Car World Series
Josh Ford - USAC Sprint Car
Cameron Dodson - USAC Silver Crown & Sprint Series
Billy Wease - USAC Midgets, Silver Crown & Sprints
Justin Marks - ARCA
Billy Alley - USAC Sprints Series
Ron Beauchamp - NASCAR Canadian Tire
Kerry Micks - NASCAR Canadian Tire
Joel Kauffman - Hooters Pro Cup
Kerry Micks - NASCAR Canadian Tire
George Brunnhoelzl III - Nascar Whelen Modified
Josh Richards - World of Outlaws
Kevin Swindell - World of Outlaws & USAC
Ryan Durst - USAC Silver Crown & ASA
Richard Boswell - USAR Hooters
Dakoda Armstrong - USAC National Midget


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