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SOME Quotes from FinishLine Racing School Graduate's!

Ashley Freiberg - Skip Barber Racing & Formula Mazda
I have to tell you that after taking your school, it was like something just clicked and I finally got it. It's all about setting the car and getting that same feeling in every corner I go through. You guys really did an awesome job teaching me the 'faster' way around a race track. On my way home on the airplane I sat and went over in my mind how this technique could be used in road racing. And finally it all came together. I was actually using that technique in a different car I was driving (the formula mazda) and in that car I was really fast! But I never really knew the physics of what I was doing and how it was affecting the car. And because of that, I had a hard time figuring it out in the skip barber car, and I never really ran very fast with it. This past weekend went great! I came back to the track being a full 5 seconds faster than I was last year! And I'm sure as you all know, 5 seconds is HUGE in racing. All of the Skip Barber instructors also saw a big improvement in my driving, along with many other drivers. The entire race I kept thinking to myself "patience" and thought of strategies on ways to outrun them out of the corners (set the car and get on the throttle before them). And because of that, I finished 4th! I had so many people notice the difference in my driving that weekend. It was definitely a race weekend I'll never forget!

Russell King - Dirt Modified Tour
I just wanted to let you know I won the biggest race of my life last weekend! I am now the youngest kid (17yrs old) to win a DIRT sanctioned BRP modified tour race! I started 3rd at Tri City and coming out of turn 2 I was in the lead and led every lap. The night before I started 26th and drove to 3rd! Your school has helped me out a bunch! Thanks and you'll be seeing my brother next!
Thanks Russ King

Ross Zumbach - 2006 Hawkeye Downs Speedway
I attended your school recently and I just wanted to take the time to thank you both for taking the time to help me out in your school. It was very worth while for me to learn, and I'm proud to say i attended your school! I also wanted to thank you, because I have seen such an improvement in my consistency after I learned to use more brake. We are 4 races into the season at Hawkeye Downs. My first race I finished fifth, my second time out I was fortunate enough to WIN the race and I just picked up my 2nd WIN. I thank you for my new confidence level and your words have been stuck in my head since we were in Florida, and its really paying off! I hope we meet up somewhere down the road again! THANK YOU BOTH ALOT!!! I couldn't have done it without your help!
Ross Zumbach

Matt Smith - 2006 Houston Motorsports Park Houston, Texas
Hello Mike and Everyone at FLRS,
I just have to take the time to tell you thank you for everything you taught me in your school. Last night, in the third race after attending your school, I won my first race in a 350 hp spec series car. The difference in driving had been remarkable using the techniques you present. Driving the race car has gone from hoping that everything stays together to get a good lap to having the confidence to know that good, solid lap times can be repeated over and over again. In fact, we have found that our lap times have been faster at the end of the race and the comparative car performance is much better than the other cars because we still have plenty of tires left.
Last evening I had to not only use the timing skills you showed me but all of the other lessons as well. The car was tight and knowing to set the left front tires down on the edge to loosen the car was invaluable. Also, this was the first time for me to be out front in a restart and knowing that the other cars would be pressing going into the first turn and that I would pull them center-off, took the pressure off and let me know that I’d pull away in just a few laps – and we did. We led start to finish. The lap times were the same or better through the duration and we started with tires that we left on from a lot of laps because they were still very good.
I’ve also been running a 400 hp spec car and we finished fourth both of the last two races. The changes in driving your way and not crashing into the corners has just made everything so much better, easier and slower to go faster! I would have never expected to have the fast lap of the race and we have done this without trying to be fast.
Thank you so much for the information, the way you teach it and all of the ancillary things that you give away during the walks around the racetrack. What you’ve done for the learning curve has made the track much easier to get around.
Matt Smith Driver - “02” Sportsman and Pro Late Model cars

Donny Schatz - 2005 World of Outlaws
Thanks Mike and Kristal for the awesome time I had at your school. Not having a pavement background, I was concerned about having fun, but your approach made me respect every person who has ever made a lap on pavement. Aggression is what drives me on dirt and it would ruin me on pavement. Slower is faster in the long run, thanks for teaching me that. Since going to your school I have applied what you taught me to the dirt. I had one of the most successful racing seasons of my career, thank you for the help. If you are ever near the World of Outlaws, stop by and say hi. I will never forget "Lift, Set, Turn, Squeeze". Thanks again for the speed secrets and I will be back to see you again.

Erin Crocker - ARCA
Monday, April 04, 2005 4:06 PM
This was Erin's FIRST ARCA Race "EVER" !!!!
Hey Mike and Kristal, thank you very much for making my stock car debut go the way it did. I got more out of your school than I think I realized at first. Every corner in that car I think about making a smooth arc, smooth transitions, letting the car roll and settle and easing back on the throttle. Thanks again for all you taught me and thanks for the continued support! I will be sure to keep in touch!
Erin Crocker

Blake Feese - 2005 Hendrick Motorsports Lowe's Busch Team
I refer as many young racers that I can because of the things that I learned at FinishLine Racing School. Having FinishLine on my resume was a big plus in getting an opportunity to drive stock cars, and also a big reason for quick success in the ARCA Series. I just wanted you to know that your lessons still hold true.

Kenny Horton - 2005 SK/Late Model/Busch North, Stafford Motor Speedway
"I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for everything. After attending FinishLine Racing School, I now realize that I've been driving all wrong for the past three years. I honestly believe, that the lessons learned at your race school, would have taken me at least five years to figure out on my own. From lazy turning to just driving smooth, I think that your race school will really make the difference for our 2005 season. I'm sure I'll be up front!"

Sondi Eden - 2003 TWO Time Midget Champion
"Mike Loescher and FinishLine Racing are well respected in the race community. After I attended their private session I can see why so many people advised me to go to Mike. Mike & Kristal, of FinishLine Racing, run a top-notch program. They are straight forward, experienced, organized, have good, neutral equipment and they know how to teach. Being an open wheel driver, I wanted to get acclimated with heavy cars/trucks and FinishLine Racing got me comfortable, fast and consistent. When I tell car owners, crew chiefs, manufacturing presidents, etc. that I’ve attended FinishLine Racing, they’re more attentive and want to know what Mike thought of my session. I would highly recommend the FinishLine Racing School to anyone interested in furthering their racing career!"

Brian Sockwell - NASCAR Dash Winner
"Talk about a dream come true, we went to Daytona International Speedway as a Rookie Team. With the FinishLine Racing Schools help, and remembering what I had previously learned at their school. I wound up in Victory Circle. FinishLine we couldn't have done it with out you!"

Jimmy Kite - IRL Indy Car
"The furthest thing from my mind is that I needed a race school, I've raced almost everything. Struggling as far as my career went, I took a wild chance and attended the FinishLine Racing School - after 3 days I kept asking myself - why didn't I do this sooner. Thanks FinishLine for getting me back on Track!"

Bob Bondurant  President, "Bondurant's Race School of High Performance Driving" SCCA
"I recently attended the FinishLine Racing School with my son and Chief Instructor. The wealth of knowledge that we received about Circle Track Racing was unsurpassed. I would highly recommend the FinishLine Racing School to anyone interested in furthering their racing career!"

Cam Strader - 2001 NASCAR Dash National Points Champion
"I first attended the FinishLine Racing School while I was driving the Pro Truck division at Southern National Speedway - that year I broke the track record. I have used the driving style they taught me up to this day, and now I'm running and winning in the NASCAR Dash Series!"

Bill Baird - 1999 ARCA National Champion
"I brought my personal race car to the FinishLine Racing School and attended the 3 day school. I've taken the knowledge I learned and raced into Victory Circle - I even won the 1999 ARCA National Championship - FinishLine Racing School is the real thing!"

Jeff Shively - father of Jason Shively Sunoco Super Series Driver
"When we sent Jason to your school we thought we would be getting him ready to run in the ASA Late Model series. Since he went to your class, I have seen such an improvement in his knowledge of how a race car works and more importantly why changes in a race car make a difference. The knowledge gain in such a short time has completely amazed me.

I talked to you when Jason went back to the setup class and was impressed by what you told me of Jason's driving experience. You said that Jason did well on the track, that he listened to your instruction, he had some driving talent, and the biggest thing was when you said he could come back anytime.

Well to come to the point, we have decided to bypass the ASA thing and go straight to the Sunoco Super Series Champion Racing Association series. After he attended your classes it was if he gained years of experience and confidence in his ability. We thought it would be at least 2 years before he would be ready to move into the Sunoco Series but we were wrong, I can see that after spending 3 days in your driving class and 1 day in the setup class he is definitely ready to advance.

I would like to thank you for whatever you taught this "young man" while at your facility.

Ricky Hendrick - 2001 NASCAR Busch Driver
"I started my racing career in the Legends Cars and I've moved up the ladder from Late Models to NASCAR Busch Cars. The FinishLine Racing School gave me a great start. I use Mike's technique every race. Thanks FinishLine!"

Michael Hale - Super Bike A.M.A. Champion
"Looking to expand my racing career, my agent Cary Agajanian from Motorsports Management suggested that I attend the FinishLine Racing School. We wanted to make sure I could perform as well on 4 wheels as I did on 2! The experience I received at the FinishLine - is #1. I now feel comfortable driving any kind of race car!"

Corey LaCosta - 2001 NASCAR LM Series Winner
"Since attending The Finishline Racing School, I have compiled 37 wins, won 29 poles, won a NASCAR Championship and broke my own track record 7 times. Thank you.............. as you say ,"slower is faster"!!!

Corey Hendrix - Won his 1st race a week after attending FinishLine
"FinishLine is the best money that my father and I have ever spent since we've been racing."

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